Photo from Warwick Willmott collection, entitled: “Eddie Wilson’s Landrover”, circa 1960.

Archives of the UQRC, UQMC, and UQBWC are currently in the UQ Fryer library. However, this collection is missing a lot from the UQRC and UQMC – that is…we don’t really have anything on them. Nick Tierney decided to appoint himself the UQMC Club Archivist and do something about this lack of historical information. He started a mission to get all the documents together into one place, and also to archive everything online. This is the beginning of that archive.

Currently, Nick is working on finding, documenting, and curating all the UQRC, UQMC, and UQBWC he can get his hands on. He currently has a large, almost complete collection of the legendary UQBWC magazines, the “HeyBob”, and is working on scanning these on his idle weekends. If you would like to help Nick out, please email him directly on And please, if you have any information about the club, old magazines or newsletters or photos, please let us know by sending us an email at, we would love to archive them so that we can share them with everyone.

Current Archives

The club communicates predominantly through the forum built into the current website. But we used to use another online forum (the blue forum – 2008-2014), and before that, another forum (the red forum, ? – 2008). Before that, there was another forum, but unfortunately we cannot seem to access it. So, would you like to delve into the past, and check out the old club forums?

Here is the old blue one

Here is the old red one

Currently we only have 3 issues of the UQRC newsletter, if you know where any more of these are, please let Nick know directly at

Chockstone, Volume 2, Number 1, March 1976

Chockstone, Volume 2, Number 2 , June 1976

Chockstone, Volume 2, Number 3, March 1977