The UQMC is run by the exec who are nominated and elected every year at our Annual General Meeting. Check out our current exec below!  To see the list of previous exec and UQMC history, check out our History page.



Heyo! Welcome to our wonderful club. I joined UQMC at the beginning of of 2017 and have been out adventuring ever since. You will probably find me among the rocks, however I do enjoy the occasional hike or any other outdoor activity.  


Through the club, I have been able to learn a lot of cool skills that have allowed me to climb in a bunch of places around Australia. With the club, I have been to many crags around SEQ to lead climb (and even a sneaky multi-pitch), and I even survived two weeks of climbing in the Blue Mountains.  I look forward to all the exciting places that the club may take me in the future.

When I joined UQMC, I also met an awesome group of like-minded people. The people that you meet through UQMC make your experience with the club go from good to GREAT. From dedicating their spare time to teaching you new skills, to joining you along on the adventure, they are a wonderful bunch of kind but fun goofballs that you cannot help but love.

I hope the club can give you some of the awesome experiences that I have been lucky enough to enjoy.


  • Club representative to the public
  • Help provide direction to the executive committee and the club
  • Chair executive at general meetings
  • Ensure executives are fulfilling their duties


This club means a lot to me and I want it to mean a lot to you. I joined the UQMC in my first year of university, when I first moved to Brisbane. I have been with the UQMC coming on to four years now and I believe that joining was one of the best decisions I have made in that time. The people you will meet in this club are some of the most level-headed, trustworthy, relaxed and welcoming people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
As the executive with the least dot points below, I also fill roles when needed. If you’re a member of the club and if you have a problem or there is something you want to talk about, come have a chat. If you want to hear me talk about something (I have a range of topics), just stand in my vicinity. If you are a new member, I am excited to meet you!


  • Assist the President in overseeing the running of the club
  • Director of merchandise



Hey everyone!

I joined the club at the beginning of 2017, but have always loved mountains (and the outdoors in general). I can never say no to a cheeky hiking, climbing or camping trip. I also dabble in skiing, kayaking, cycle touring and rogaining.

The club has taken me on some amazing adventures, and I have met some amazing people! I’m really stoked for the opportunity to help run the club this year and keep on adventuring and meeting more awesome people 🙂



  • Reporting financial information to the executive so that decisions for the club’s best interests can be made
  • Preparing an overall budget for the club to ensure financial sustainability
  • Managing the finances for trips and social events
  • Ensuring that the club fulfils its obligations as an incorporated association.

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If getting high is your thing then I’m your man! I’m fairly new to the rock climbing thing but I’ve always loved a good old fashioned hit of adrenaline so when I discovered the club in early 2017 I was hooked! Over the year this club reignited my love for the great outdoors which in turn re calibrated my body clock and reminded me how good simple living is. I’ve met plenty of like minded individuals and made unforgettable memories along the way. Here’s a list of some of the things I like;

  • The 4 S’s; Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding & Slacklining
  • Golden Hour
  • Riddles; What travels around the world but never leaves the corner?
  • Yoga
  • Getting as far away from the ground as possible
  • Going upside down (see figure above)
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Taking photos of people without them noticing
  • Dumpster diving for food


  • Preparing Exec meeting agendas
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Replying to general enquiries on email
  • Entering membership details
  • Sorting mail
  • Making sure relevant forms are available
  • Aiding in maintenance of UQMC Archives
  • Communicating with UQ Sport


Hey Hey!

“Did you hear about the light bulb party?
-Yeah, it was pretty lit” 


The name is Medina and I am the Party Meister of UQMC. Nothing fascinates me more than the beauty of nature. Chasing the sun for sunrise or sunset or just star gazing amongst the mountains or just admiring the view from the top of the cliff. I look forward to every chance I get for any adventure.

Being part of this club is like being a part of this big family. My journey with UQMC started in 2016 and its been great. What I love the most about the club is the motivating-positive-people who always encourage you to do your best. It doesn’t matter whether your pro or not as long as you give it a go 😉

I am probably the loudest person you’ll hear at KP, chit-chatting away about the most random things (food,music,puns/jokes,languages). I am also into vlogging (occasionally) and juggling.

Got any fun ideas in your mind? Feel free to hit me up!

Dont be shy, just give me a Hi5!!


  • To coordinate and facilitate social events for the club
  • To ensure that there are social events and trips to integrate new and old members
  • To establish an open and fun communal atmosphere
  • Facilitator of FUN (Party Master)




I joined UQMC at the beginning of 2017. My experiences with the club, whether it be hiking or climbing, have absolutely reignited my passion for the outdoors. I am very pleased that I now allocate my time with a healthy consideration for how I can spend more of that time adventuring. A key contributor to this new mindset are the enthusiastic, generous, diverse range of people you will find within the club. I hope you come and join us, and get hooked on all things UQMC like I have.

On a (marginally) more serious note, I also have the role of ‘Gear Guy,’ so if you’re looking for a certain piece of equipment to help you out on an adventure (be it official or unofficial club business) feel free to give me a bell as the club may just be able to help you out.


  • Inspect club gear
  • Buys new gear
  • Keep a record of gear location



I’m Miranda and the hiking exec for this year.
I’ve only been getting serious about hiking in this last year so I am by no means a pro. I walk pretty slow, I take too many photos and eat too much peanut butter clif bars BUT I can still do it. And so can you- it’s not about the gear or bring ripped, it’s all about attitude and being a keen bean.
So come for a walk or two with me this year on some epic trip! Everything may go wrong but you will have a hell of a time doing it and make some lifelong buds. Catcha on the trial guys 🙂


  • Organise and coordinate hiking, camping, and big mountain events!
  • Purchase hiking gear with Quartermaster
  • Upskill club members with useful outdoor skills such as first aid, navigation and survival skills





I have always loved the outdoors and always up for a good adventure! I enjoy canyoning, hiking, scuba diving, rogaining and of course rock climbing. From my first experience of outdoor rock climbing I was hooked… After joining UQMC back in 2016 I have gained so much knowledge and have met some pretty awesome people. It all started at KP top roping, then lead climbing, then Multi pitching and this year the plan is Trad.

I understand the challenges and the love you can experience from this sport and I look forward to helping you experience what this club has to offer!


  • Organise and coordinate climbing trips and Kangaroo Point nights
  • Alongside the Quartermaster, organise purchase of gear
  • Train club members in climbing skills


The UQMC is made up of friendly, welcoming, and easy-going people who love the outdoors. It is comprised of both inexperienced and experienced members, students and non-students.  The UQMC is designed to give people a safe and friendly environment in which to have fun and learn the skills that they need to explore the rest of the world, and enjoy the freedom of the hills.

Learn about the clubClub History, our Club MeetingsGear, and Kangaroo Point Climbing.