Members climbing on a UQMC Open Day. Photo: Anthony Chan

A common ground where all UQMC’ers tend to venture for a quick climb, chat and general shenanigans is at Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The club runs climbing sessions here twice week on Tuesday and Thursday nights the during UQ Academic Semester.  Want to check when the next KP night is? Check the calendar

Occasionally KP nights need to be cancelled due to the weather or other unforeseeable circumstances. If it looks like it might rain, keep on eye on the UQMC Facebook Group to see if we’ll still be climbing.

You are welcome to attend Kangaroo Point for two weeks without having to pay for a membership. However, you will have to complete an online waiver before you participate in any climbing or other activity using the club equipment. This can be done here.

Want to see the climbs at Kangaroo Point? Check out the Kangaroo Point Climbing guide on TheCrag.


Set-up: 5:00pm at Top of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

If you would like to help set-up, please arrive at the top of the cliffs at 5:00pm. Members who help set-up have the opportunity to climb first on the ropes (this does not mean that you can turn up at 5:40pm at the top of the cliffs and expect to climb first – we respect those who arrived early and helped out).

Climbing: 6:00pm at Bottom of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

A: Kangaroo Point (or simply ‘KP’) is one of the better known outdoor climbing areas in Southeast Queensland.  The cliffs here feature over 150 distinct climbs suitable for climbers of all levels, from the beginner classics ‘Date Anatomy‘  ‘SI‘  and ‘Crap‘ to much harder climbs like ‘XXXX‘ and ‘Be a Robot for Jesus‘.  KP has been in nearly constant use as a climbing venue since the 1950s, and enjoys huge popularity due mostly to its great location.  The cliffs expose rocks called Brisbane Tuff which was formed by a volcanic flow about 230 million years ago after a violent eruption. In modern times, Brisbane Tuff was quarried for 150 years which left a vertical rock face approximately 25m high.

A: The main climbing area is the riverside cliff located below River Terrace in the suburb of Kangaroo Point.  Public transport options are a bit limited as most stops are about a 10 min walk away (just catch a train to Southbank or a bus, 109 from UQ, to Mater Hill and walk along the river).  There is however a great bike path the entire length of the cliffs.  Parking in the area is limited but you are usually able to get a park during club climbing nights.

A: Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00pm til 9:00pm during UQ academic semester, weather permitting.  Please check the UQMC Facebook Group for weather updates.

A: You should wear general sport type clothing appropriate for the time of year that allows full flexibilityThe club provides all required safety gear (harness and helmet) and have climbing shoes available to be used by new members. We recommend that you bring along water, insect repellent and some snacks.

First time climbing with us? Make sure you’ve registered online (either by purchasing a membership or by signing up for your two week trial)

A: The UQMC offers free two week trials to prospective members. Our membership fees are quite low, at $60 for 6 months or $90 for a full year. Each indoor gym visit costs you $28 ($18 if have your own gear), so you only need to come to KP 3 times as a member before you’re saving money!

Being a member of the UQMC includes far more than just climbing at Kangaroo Point – check out the forum to see the other trips we run, or come to one of our social events

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