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    Hey Chipmunks!

    This Sunday come and join me on a beginners hike up Mt Mitchell in Main Range National Park! All the info you need to know is below 🙂

    Where? Mt Mitchell, Main Range National Park
    What? 3 hour hike approximately, might be 4 hours depending on frequency of stops for selfies
    When? Leave Brisbane at 7am on Sunday 6th August, approximate arrival time 8:30 for a 9am start time
    Why? Because hiking is awesome!!
    Who? I’ve limited the hike to 25 people, which is quite a lot of people on a small trail

    Please sign-on here: Click me!
    If you require a ride OR can provide a ride please sign on here: Transport Sheet!

    Note: It’s up to you to find you’re way there, if you look on the spreadsheet and find a driver you can ask them for a lift 🙂 Simple!



    Hey Gang!

    For those of you who have not yet sorted out transport, please check and update the transport spreadsheet as we now have 4 cars with spare seats!

    We still need maybe another 1-2 vehicles, so if you’re able to supply transports please list it on the spreadsheet so we can all go!

    Alice 🙂


    Maddy Pollard

    Hey Alice,
    I’ve just joined UQMC a this sem, keen for the Mt Barney hike and have been able to NA work for it, but I was unable to swap shifts to go to the Mt Mitchell hike, was hopeful of doing MT Greville, but can’t get out of work that day too grrr!
    I know I need to have hiked at least once with you guys before doing harder trips like Barney, I’ve done the overland track in Tazzie a few years ago and do enough hikes to have my own pack and boots etc. Would you take that into consideration?

    Mads (:



    Hi Maddy,

    Further to our discussion on Facebook, at the end of the day the trip leaders will just get to know you and assess your ability as they spend time with you. Our aim is to make sure everyone has a great time! So we don’t want someone to accidentally over estimate their ability and struggle with sore knees and ankles on a week long hike.

    If you ever feel out of your hiking groove I can fill you in on a few good hikes to train on to get you ready for some more arduous adventures!

    Hope this helps!

    Alice =)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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