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    Leo Stan

    Hey everyone!

    It’s time to recap the awesome year we’ve had and to elect a new exec team as we’re getting old and rusty! For those that don’t know, the Annual General Meeting is a yearly event held by every club, where the members hear reports from the Exec about the year and financial position of the club, changes to the club constitution can be made, and (most importantly) the Executive for the next year is elected!

    This year’s AGM will be held from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Thursday the 2nd of November unless more than 50% of the club cannot attend. The location is Viewpoint room Building 33 Synthetic Field Precinct on the St Lucia campus.

    Agenda of the meeting:

    • Presentation of noticeable club achievements for 2016-2017
    • Special resolution: Vote adoption of constitution amendment to add subclasses of ‘Ordinary Member’ (read amendment here)
    • Vote for adoption of membership price
    • Presentation and vote for adoption of financial statement for the 2016-2017 financial year
    • Appointment of an auditor for 2017-2018 financial year
    • Long-term project for club savings
    • Presentation and election of life members
    • Election of members of the management committee for 2017-2018

    The AGM is an important part of the running of the club, so it is vital that as many members attend as possible. However, if you are unable to attend you can nominate someone who will be there to be your proxy. This will allow them to vote on your behalf. To nominate a proxy for this year’s AGM, please send an email with the subject “AGM Proxy” to the club email ([email protected]).

    Exec Positions

    The most important part of the AGM is ensuring that we have a good Exec to run the club for another year. Being a member of the Exec is a responsibility, but a fun one that comes with some perks as well. The positions and responsibilities of the Exec are:


    Nominated: Gabrielle Boisseau

    Chair executive and general meetings
    Ensure executives are fulfilling their duties
    Help provide direction to the executive committee and the club

    Vice President

    Nominated: Callum Lelay

    Organise club merchandise
    Assist the President in overseeing the running of the club
    Organize and coordinate the running of Kangaroo Point climbing nights


    Nominated: Chris Sneath

    Controllership Duties
    Reporting accurate and timely financial reports to the exec so that decisions for the clubs best interests can be made.
    Deciding how to invest the club’s money taking into consideration risk and liquidity
    Overseeing the capital structure of the club.


    Nominated: Bradley Watt

    Preparing Exec meeting agendas
    Taking meeting minutes
    Replying to general enquiries on email
    Entering membership details
    Making sure relevant forms are available
    Aiding in maintenance of UQMC Archives and website
    Communicating with UQ Sport

    Social Convenor

    Nominated: Medina Dangol

    Organise and Coordinate Trip Report Nights
    Organise and Coordinate a variety of other social events (Potlucks, Pub crawls etc.)
    To ensure that there are social events and trips that integrate new and old members


    Nominated: Edward Smith

    Inspect club gear
    Buy club gear
    Keep a record of club gear and its location

    Hiking Coordinator

    Nominated: Miranda Fittock

    Plan and organise hiking trips for the club
    Organise training for Hiking Trip Leaders
    Encourage climbers to actually go hiking

    Climbing Coordinator

    Nominated: William Kitchin, Tabitha Sluce

    Organise the running of KP nights during semester
    Organise skill sessions throughout the year to ensure the perpetuity of knowledge in the club.
    Assist the rest of the Exec with other climbing trips


    To be in the running for an Exec position at the AGM, a person needs to be nominated by the 31th of Oct. If you think you know someone who is suited for a role, or you want to be in a particular role yourself, please send an email to [email protected] with “2017 Exec Position Nomination” in the subject line before the deadline.

    The positions will be voted on at the AGM, with a 50% majority vote required for a successful election.


    What: Annual General Meeting 2016
    Where: Viewpoint Room, Building 33, Synthetic Field Precinct, St Lucia
    When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm, 2nd November 2017 (Voting will start at 7:30pm so please be on time)
    Why: To hear reports from the committee, vote on changes to the constitution and vote in new Exec members for 2017
    Who: All current club members and Life members

    Proxy and Exec position nominations send to [email protected] by 31th of October

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