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    Cheyenne M

    Hey everybody! I have the pleasure of announcing the biggest baddest bestest trip of the year.

    On November 19th we will convoy to the lands down south to the glorious BLUE MOUNTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIINs.
    Just picture it, sharing a cabin home in Blackheath with 25+ of your best mates just minutes from some of the absolute best climbing and canyoning in Australia.

    There we will spend 2 weeks sleeping, climbing, partying, playing 500, racing each other to the bakery in the morning, canyoning, and just having a blast. And not to forget the feasting! You and a friend will cook for everyone once (maybe twice but probs not) during the trip pouring your absolute best cooking expertise and mastery into the meal, then for the other 13 days you rock up and enjoy what everyone else makes!

    The weekend of the 25th/26th November will send the house into complete chaos as we don our thrift shop costumes for the wildest night of the year… Jungle Juice. Current brewmaster G-rad fuelled the fun last year and it was a night i’ll never forget.. or remember…

    please look at this powerpoint produced by Ned as he has managed to encompass the essence of bluies far better than i can.

    Boring but essential Details:
    Dates: 19th November – 3rd December
    Cost: $20-$25 a day INCLUDING brekkie, dinner AND accommodation
    ***Extra $5 if you stay over the Jungle Juice long weekend to cover some extra costs..
    Cars: If you plan on driving your own car down for a nice cost efficient road trip, you won’t pay as much in petrol because we all
    understand that petrol isn’t the only costs for driving long distance and we really appreciate you!
    Everyone else (even if you fly) will pay an equal split in fuel costs as it is far cheaper to chip in to bring the cars from
    Brisbane to Bluies than to rent a car.

    So how can you guarantee your spot on this totally rad trip?

    1. Make sure you climb as much as you can this semester and join any upcoming workshops!! You’ll want to have some experience lead
    climbing or have a dedicated lead buddy to second as we just can’t set top ropes up in the Blue Mountains.

    2. Put your name on this sign up sheet!

    3. Pay your deposit of $100AUD to BSB: 064158
    Account number: 10066081
    Account name: UQ Mountain Club

    4. If someone has put their car on the transport sheet (2nd tab of the sign on sheet) and you need a ride: CONTACT that person and confirm a spot in their car. if
    you do not find a spot right away, keep checking and ask around! If you would prefer to fly, please also make that clear so we
    can make sure there is enough room for transport down at Bluies.

    5. Get psyched!

    Feel free to post below with any questions 🙂


    Nick Tierney

    I’m SUPER psyched for this! Unknowingly, by not going last year, I broke my 5-year streak of UQMC blueys trips.

    I might be able to get a few days off of work and fly up from Melbourne, maybe over the JJ weekend.

    I was just wondering, RE the car situation, you say:

    Everyone else (even if you fly) will pay an equal split in fuel costs as it is far cheaper to chip in to bring the cars from
    Brisbane to Bluies than to rent a car.

    If I rent a car, I’m happy to help out and take people places and we can work out the fuel costs amongst my passengers, or the club or whatnot. In the past when the club has needed more cars they’ve actually paid for the car hire for those who fly down, which is what happened last year with Soph. So, I’m just wondering what that extra cost would be, or how it is calculated, and if it is just for the days that I am there? Sorry for the technical questions!

    I’m really keen to come along, but I just need to work out how much this will cost so I can make sure I can get my budget sorted.

    Looking forward to the trip!


    Cheyenne M

    Hey Nick no worries! The club has never paid for car hire so not sure about what you mean for last year, though I recall Neil renting a car and those who flew in paid amongst themselves for the one car (this is what ive been told so could be inaccurate). For this year the majority of people at the moment have signed up to roadtrip. There do seem to be a few people flying in just for JJ in which case it may be cheaper for you guys to rent a car amongst yourselves. To give you an idea, it would be about $70 (high end) per person in fuel costs when split among everyone. If you can find a rental cheaper than that for the number of days/people you need you’ll probably be better off!

    The only other cost you’ll be looking at is the food/accomodation cost which i’ve based off of previous years. Breakfast, dinner, and the house are included in your 20-25$ per day price (+$5 for JJ).

    Just want to avoid making those who choose to roadtrip pay extra for car hire they dont need 🙂

    but most importantly make sure to put your name down on the sign up sheet so I can see how much space we need when 😀

    let me know if this isnt clear or you need more info, thanks for the ask!


    Neil Jenman

    Yes, I flew in for JJ weekend (and some climbing ofc). I hired a car with a few others who flew in the same day. We split the cost and used the car for driving around during my time there.


    Nick Tierney

    Thanks Cheyenne!

    re the car hire – actually the club has reimbursed people for car hire under certain circumstances. I know this as I have been on the exec when these sorts of decisions were made in the past, and I have seen this happen on other past trips.

    These decisions were made in the past when there was a need for cars, and based on the number of people on the trip, and the number of cars available. For example, when people want to hire their own car and sort it out amongst themselves, they have done that. And sometimes the club has offered to pay for car hire if there are more people than cars, so that everyone can get where they want to go.

    It hasn’t always been ideal though, as you want to have as many people drive down as you can as this is: A) more fun, and B) cheaper and better for members! So, I think it’s great to provide an incentive for members to drive down! 🙂

    Regarding the costs of the trip:

    To give you an idea, it would be about $70 (high end) per person in fuel costs when split among everyone.

    Two questions

    1. If I hire a car, I pay (up to) $70 to the club for myself, and anyone else who comes with me also pays $70, to cover transport costs of others coming down?
    2. Would this $70 be the same if I stayed for 1 day, or 14 days?

    I’ve just put my name down on the sheet. I’ve just got to get the trip OK’d past my supervisors before I pay the deposit.

    Thanks for the quick response! 🙂


    Cheyenne M

    Hey Nick! That’s cool I was told differently by previous exec 🙂 So if you hire a car, you don’t get included in the split cost for fuel, you just split the cost of the hire car/fuel with whoever is in the car with you, you aren’t covering anyone else’s cost. If you decide to not hire a car and want to get around in the cars that drove down from Brissy you’ll chip in for the fuel is took to get those cars to Bluies.

    So, if renting a car will cost you less than $70, you should probably find some peeps to do that with who are flying in. If the rental would cost more than $70, makes more sense just to chip in to the fuel cost for getting the cars to bluies 🙂 feel free to message me if I’m not making sense still.


    Leo Stan

    Hey Nick, also fuel is split per person per day, so if you’re not staying the full 14 days it will likely be less than $70 if you’re getting in a club car. Last year fuel was $2.28 per person per night (that included the cost of getting the cars down to bluies).

    I am trying to confirm the number of cars per day right now but it looks like there will be enough cars down there that you don’t need to rent one.

    Get keeeeeen 😀


    Nick Tierney

    Hey Cheyenne + Leo!

    OK awesome! That makes sense now – so if I hire a car, I take that cost, and don’t chip in for the $70, and if I’m using a club car then it’s just per day.

    Getting Keeeen! But need to check leave.


    Neil Jenman

    Let me know your plans Nick as we could share if the times are right.

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