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    Hello Everyone
    UQMC will be running the first overnight hiking trip of the semester on the 12th and 13th of August. This trip will be a combination of two circuit walks that begin from O’Reiley’s Guesthouse in Lamington National Park. On the first day we will do the West Canungra Creek Circuit and on the second day we will do Morans Falls Circuit. This walk is aimed at introducing people to overnight hiking so the days are only short (12km both days) and feature beautiful waterfalls and lookouts. We will be staying overnight at the Green Mountains camping area so you will need to bring all the equipment and food you need for the whole two days. However, as we will be returning to our cars for Saturday night, it wont be necessary to take any of our camping gear with us on the walk.

    The Canungra Creek Circuit which we will do on day one features a number of creek crossings and I would advise bringing a spare pair of shoes for sunday in case you fall in (fyi: This is probably going to happen). Make sure you also bring a bag big enough to hold your lunch and snacks, water bottle, maybe a raincoat, insect repellent and anything else you think you will need during either of the walks.

    Some Logistics:

    Meeting Location: Chancellor’s Place, UQ
    Meeting Time: 7.30 am, Saturday the 12th of August
    Transport: Organise a lift with someone who can drive or drive yourself (use transport spreadsheet link below). Also if you are driving yourself please still put your name down on the transport spreadsheet just in case we need an extra vehicle to drive people and so i know you have a way of getting to the trail-head.

    The sign up link for the trip has also been inserted below:

    Transport Spreadsheet

    Sign-up Link

    As this trip goes overnight there are costs associated with camping ($6 for the night). When meet at Chancellors place I will get everyone to transfer $6 to the UQMC bank account to cover this cost. In addition to this, everyone will also need to bring $5-10 to cover fuel for their driver.

    I’ve included a list of items to bring with you on the trip if you are unsure of what you might need.

    Sleeping & Shelter
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping mat
    Pillow (optional)

    Clothing & Footware
    A sturdy pair of hiking boots (or runners if you don’t have hiking boots)
    A change of clothes
    Swimmers (if you think Australian winter is not a thing)

    Cooking & food
    Enough food to feed yourself two lunches, one dinner and a single breakfast whilst on the hike
    Extra snacks (for between meal times)
    Hiking stove & fuel and pots/pans (you can borrow this from the club or organise to use someone else’s stove who is going on the trip).
    Plates, bowl, mug, cutlery
    Water bottle

    Water-proof pack-liner to keep your stuff dry (large garbage bags work well).
    Head torch + spare batteries
    Insect repellent
    Any other implement you believe is necessary and are willing to carry in your pack

    The club does own some equipment, namely 3 x 3 person hiking tents, 1 x 2 person hiking tent, 1x trangia cooking stove, 1x Furno stove and kettle, 4 x 65 litre hiking packs, 6 x sleeping bags and 6 x Sleeping mats. If you need to borrow any of these items get in contact with the club quartermaster (myself) on one of the kp nights before the trip (note that any gear hired will need to be cleaned before being returned within 1 week after the trip).

    If you have any questions about the trip, don’t hesitate to send me a message on facebook or my number on the sign up sheet.


    Hey Peeps
    So we are in need of more drivers for this walk if we are going to get everyone to Lamington. I’ve updated the spreadsheet to include a column indicating if you can/cannot drive. If anyone currently on the spreadsheet can drive people please let me know asap.

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