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    Hello everyone!
    There will be a trip running to Mt Barney (route specified in title) on the 3rd of September. Because there is a lot of scrambling involved on this walk I will be capping attendance at 10 people. However, if there is still a lot of people keen we can look at setting up a second walking party (pending the availability of someone experienced to lead the group and enough cars).

    This will be a very challenging walk for even the fittest walkers (approximately 1200m elevation gain over 12km). It is essential that you have experience with scrambling if you are to come on on this trip whilst a head for heights is also important as southeast ridge has some exposure near the top. Another point that needs to be made is that this walk is unsuitable for any people with knee or ankle problems (the descent is just too long and steep to not cause issues for these kinds of old injuries/problems). If you have any questions regarding your fitness for this trip please don’t hesitate to message me.

    Despite all the challenges this trip entails, there are spectacular views nearly the whole way up south-east ridge and 360 views from the summit of east peak. It really is worth the effort! I anticipate the walking will take about a total of 8 hours for the group, but this may vary greatly depending on the fitness of everyone on the trip (so make sure you avoid making concrete plans for sunday night if you want to do this walk).

    To fit this in on a single day we will need to leave Brisbane at around 5.30 am. Although we typically leave from Chancellors Place bus stop at UQ I will be leaving it up to individual drivers to sort out a meeting place/pickup for the people they will be driving. So after all that I’ve attached to sign up and transport spreadsheet below for those individuals who i haven’t scared off!

    Sign up link and transport Spreadsheet



    Hey James

    Just double checking, I assume you meant 3rd of September not August?

    Super stoked 🙂

    Cheers, Jim


    That’s a definite yes, all fixed up now


    Hey peeps
    I’m currently looking for someone to lead a second group up Barney this weekend. Ideally you would have been up south and south East ridges before and know your way around the mountain. If I can’t get a second trip leader I won’t be able to take anyone on the waitlist 🙁

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