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    Would anyone be keen to try Mt Lindesay this Sunday, 20th of March?

    From what I’ve read so far, the common ‘easy’ route can be found on the south-east side of the mountain and is considered a hard scramble or an easy rock climb (~ grade 6?), with average rock quality and a healthy amount of exposure. Apparently there are also some rappel anchors to make getting down easier. As I don’t know much else about this route, apart from a few brief descriptions I’ve read, I’d be prepared to walk away if it looks too sketchy, but I’d be at least keen to hike to the base of the scramble and check it out. I’d say no more than 4 people who are comfortable multi-pitching.

    If anyone has done this route before it would be great to get some more accurate information!


    Ellen Derbyshire

    Ooooooh! Sounds fun!


    Trev P


    I’m really curious as to how it all went?
    I have climbed it before.. maybe a year or so ago. I also came from the south. I couldn’t see any other way up, did a small scout around the base to see what I could see see see (just like the song).

    I found it to be an epic day, by the time I was done I was pretty pooped.. I’d be keen to do it again if anybody else is.


    Hey Trev,

    Pooped sums it up well for me too! Some pretty good views at points while scrambling, but not much to see from the top. I ended up taking a couple of people who hadn’t climbed that much; it turned out to be quite a long day (and night). We roped up at each scramble and rapped down the same way. What we should have done is rapped straight down on the lower cliff. Our ropes didn’t pull after the first 60m. It was well after sunset by this point and the others had forgotten headlamps. We were all fairly exhausted and had only one headlamp between us, so we decided to ditch our ropes and use the fixed rope for the last short section. Fortunately a climber who later went up the same route kindly retrieved our ropes for us.

    Not too keen to go again to be honest, although there’s probably a lot more to explore there. I’d be more keen to check out some other routes on Barney.


    Trev P

    Haha. Yes, some awesome views on the climb with a tree filled view at the top. Its quite an adventurous climb, which i found made it all worth while.
    Thankfully we made it back before dark.

    Mt Bartle Frere has the same kind of view.

    Which way up Barney do you go and is it climbable without ropes?

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