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    Maddy Pollard

    Hey guys,

    Bit too keen as a been, but just have a few questions about the Nowra trip;

    – If i come to the beginner’s day at Ngun Ngun and to KP as much as possible between now and this trip, will that be enough experience to go to Nowra?
    – I’m not at uni but I think mid-sem break is 25th Sep-2nd Oct, so does the trip go for the whole week? So I can juggle my shifts around, can I come for part of the week?
    – I have a car and happy to be taxi too

    Cheers, Mads (:

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    Cheyenne M

    Hey Maddy!

    The more you come to learn the more progress you will make in your climbing! Details for Nowra have not yet been confirmed. The trip will most likely require you to have some knowledge of lead climbing or something called seconding which you can definitely start learning between now and then. The are certain pieces of gear you will need for this next level in climbing so just be aware you may need to purchase a few things (in addition to a harness). Keep an eye out for workshops and any opportunities to learn and you should be perfectly good to go. We have considered running the trip over the full week, though this is also not confirmed at the time.

    I can confirm, however, that we will be going to the Blue Mountains the 19th Nov to 3rd Dec if that sounds like it gives you more time. Its a wonderful trip and highly recommended.


    Maddy Pollard

    Ok cool, thanks Cheyenne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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