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    Okay gang, hold onto your hats! This is bound to be one of the biggest UQMC hikes yet!!

    The Overland Track is Australia’s only WORLD CLASS HIKING TRAIL!! PWOOOAARRRHHHH!!

    If you don’t know anything about it just type it into google images and prepare to have your socks blown off!

    What: Overland Track
    Where: Cradle Mountain NP, Tasmania
    When: 22-29 Sept (we realise you may have exams on the 22nd so we are leaving at night)
    Who: 12 UQMC members total
    Length: Loooonnnngggg, it’s a 7 day completely unsupported hike. This means you must carry all your own food, water and first aid for seven days!

    Trip Leader: Miranda
    Trip Organiser: Alice

    RSVP date: 11 September (your place is only secured once you’ve shown you’ve booked flights)

    Please find the itinerary here. It’s got lots of useful information and some approximate costs too.

    Sign on sheet here.

    Also note, this is actually a pretty hard hike, although there are some board walk sections, most people at some point roll an ankle trying to walk down the steepest slope known to man, trying to negotiate moss covered tree roots and loose scree. If you’re not sure if you’re up to it just ask one of us 🙂 You must have been on multi-day hikes previously of at least 3 nights.

    Gear can be loaned by the club.

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    Tian le Hanie

    Is this the appropriate platform to ask questions regarding this trip, or should I facebook message the trip leader/organiser?




    You can do either! If you post general questions here it benefits everyone else who can read it but if it’s more personal feel free to message Miranda or Myself directly 🙂


    Tian le Hanie

    Will there be a general meet up with everyone who signed up for this trip to sort out things such as car rentals, etc?



    Yes there will be! Currently the trip leader Miranda is in New Zealand adventuring but she gets back at the end of this week so we’ll organise a meeting for the start of next week 🙂

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