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    Nick Tierney

    Hey Guys!

    Pete Crane has done an amazing new guide for a sweet bouldering destination near Stanthorpe – Passchendaele! (Passion-dale).

    After an awesome little getaway to Magnetic Island, I’m pretty keen to keep on bouldering as much as possible…especially with the state boulderfest coming up, I want to get my bouldering skills up and maybe even bag a few V4s.

    So let’s go away one weekend maybe? I think there is camping somewhere…not sure…but let’s just see who is keen, shall we? It’ll be a great old adventure.

    Also, check out the guide here: http://www.peter-crane.com/passchendaele/




    Phillip Beattie

    I’m in!


    Nick Tierney

    Sweet…the only thing is that I can’t seem to find a good weekend for me, before the boulder comp…

    Maybe we can do a Redbank day instead?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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