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    Alright Folks, the trip you’ve all been waiting for is finally here…Townsville 2017!

    Over the mid-year break we will be road tripping up the east-coast to beautiful North Queensland for 2 weeks of epic bouldering! I’ve often heard this trip described as “the best UQMC trip of the year” and you’ll probably have a pretty good idea why once you check out this awesome itinerary –

    If you are keen to join the adventure, put your details down on the sign up sheet and don’t forget to fill in the transport details too:

    Get keen people!


    Hey Kim, could you please allow other people to edit the transport spreadsheet?

    Also, we can stay at my parents place in Rocky on the way there and back. You’s can all camp in the yard if you’s want, but not me, I’ll be in my own bed 🙂


    Ben Jeffrey

    A Note about the Magnetic Island Ferry:
    If you have a full car it’s cheaper to take the car on the ferry than to go over as passengers, also allows you to get to the other bays on the island (and get pancakes from Noodies).


    Daniel Batkin

    Flights to Townsville / magnetic island booked!

    Arriving 8am on Saturday 1st and flying back Wednesday arvo.


    Daniel Batkin

    How many boulder mats do we have confirmed for the trip?

    Phil and I can lend ours to people driving up to Townsville, but won’t be able to take them on the plane with us to Magnetic Island.

    Based on numbers, it would be great if we can organise 8-10 mats.


    Justin Chan

    Regarding the food, do each of us need to bring all the food for the trip or we can get the food at the location of travel ?


    Cheyenne M

    Hey Dan! Sorry for this late reply, but I’ve finished exams now! We are working on the logistics for bringing boulder pads, we have a few cars mostly maxed out. I’ll let you know if we need them soon!

    Justin! I know i replied to you on FB, but for anyone else wondering, we will most likely try to caravan to Rockhampton and stop at a grocery store along the way. Double check with your driver to see if they have other plans though

    To everyone: I will be making a group to discuss the final details today.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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