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    I’m an international student on long term studies at UQ. I was wondering, why does the school not have an indoor rock climbing facility? I get that kangaroo point is a 10min drive away (albeit inconvenient by public transport) and provides the natural outdoors, however beginners without climbing gear would not be able to self climb without the assistance of more experienced climbers.

    I just thought it would be nice to have an indoor bouldering gym for winter climbs and training.

    Could the club petition for one as a student facility?

    Keeping my hopes up


    Cheyenne M

    Hey! Welcome! There was a petition in years past for a bouldering gym though it never quite made it to realization. There are ~5 climbing gyms in the Brisbane area with 2 dedicated to bouldering only as well.

    Winter in Brisbane is prime climbing weather! Don’t miss out on the extra friction!

    I think you might find a short bike ride to KP is quite doable 🙂 We also make the effort to run KP nights twice a week where we provide gear for new comers and pass on skills and climbing knowledge.

    There’s also a fair bit of maintenance a climbing wall requires such as route-setting, equipment maintenance, and supervision.
    With that being said, we are no longer currently pursuing this plan, I hope you can take advantage of the local climbing gyms like Urban Climb (you can get a $2 discount as a UQMC member), or perhaps join us at KP when the semester starts up again.

    Cheers for the enthusiasm!
    Cheyenne Moreau
    President 2017

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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