This is THE FAQ for the UQMC. Here you shall (hopefully) find answers to all of your questions!

Kangaroo Point FAQ

General FAQ

A: Membership is available to anyone, regardless of whether or not you are a student at UQ.

A: No experience or gear is required to join this club. We provide all new members with the fundamentals of knowledge and gear in order to climb safely.

A: We allow everyone to climb at Kangaroo Point for two weeks for free before deciding whether or not to become a member of the club. You’ll have to register for your two weeks free and complete our online waiver before you are able to climb.

A: Membership costs $60 for a semester, or $90 for a year. The majority of this money goes towards gear maintenance and replacement, while a small amount goes towards general admin costs and ACAQ membership.

Becoming a member of the club means that you are invited to all official club trips and events. You will be provided with all the instruction and gear necessary to safely participate in these events. You will also receive a membership card, which will allow you to receive a discount at certain locations such as Urban Climb, K2, and Pinnacle Sports.

A: Check out the details over at our join UQMC page.

A:  Weekly Climbing

Starting in the first week of semester, we have regular climbing that takes place at Kangaroo Point every Tuesday and Thursday evening. We begin set up at 5pm, with the aim to climb from 6-9pm.

Climbing Trips

To kick off every semester, we host a day trip to a nearby climbing destination (generally one of the Glasshouse Mountains). This trip generally takes place on the 2nd or 3rd weekend of semester. During the mid-semester break, we host a multi-day trip to  another area outside Brisbane (Brooyar is a common destination), and then at the end of the semester we host a two-week trip to a major climbing destination (typically Townsville for the mid-year break and the Blue Mountains for the end-of-year break).

In addition to the club-organised trips, many of our members organise their own trips. Becoming an active and contributing member of the club will increase your likelihood of being invited to these trips.

Hiking Trips

We also organise several official club hiking trips throughout the semester, some of which are multi-day hikes. Previous destinations have been Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Glorious, and Mt Barney. The Blue Mountains climbing trip at the end of the year also has many excellent hiking opportunities.

Other Trips

We are currently investigating the possibility of organising trips for other activities such as caving, mountain biking, trail running, etc. As of yet there are no confirmed plans. If this is something you are interested in, please speak to an exec.

Social Events

The club holds a number of social events throughout the year. Trip report nights, potluck dinners and pub outings are just a few of the great opportunities to get to know other club members in a less chalky environment. We also take part in social events with the other clubs around Brisbane, such as trivia nights and inter-club bouldering competitions.

A:  Members are required to organise their own transport and accommodation (generally camping) for all trips. Usually this is done by carpooling and sharing tents if necessary. We do assist members with this process by posting a spreadsheet that lets people list themselves as either a driver or a passenger and state whether or not they own or need to burrow a tent. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with each individual member.

A: We are taking steps this semester to implement a system that allows members to easily organise their own trips with other members. We are still trying to work out exactly how this will work, but at the moment, the best way to organise a trip is to speak to an exec and we will try to sort something out. If you do take the time to organise a trip for other club members, you will be compensated in the form of food and petrol money.

A: This is handled on a case-by-case basis. Refer to the gear hire page for details of what we have available and how you can hire it.

A: The club does not offer any official teaching courses. We do, however, have many very experienced and knowledgeable climbers who are capable of teaching other members some advanced skills.

 The best way to learn from these people is to demonstrate that you are competent with the basics (top-rope set up, belaying, etc.) and take an active role in assisting the club with set up and organisation of events. If you do that and express an interest in learning some new skills such as lead climbing, then chances are that some of the more experienced members will invite you along to climb with them. Please remember that they are by no means required to do this and if someone does decide to take the time to teach you, it might be nice to show your appreciation in some way (beer and/or cookies are rarely turned down).