Our events are designed to cater for all levels of experience whether you’ve never stepped outside in your life or you’re a hardcore mountaineer, we’ve got something for you!

D A Y   H I K E S 
Lots of day hikes will be run throughout the year! These hikes will vary based on:

– Duration – they could be anywhere from 3 to 12 hours;
– Distance – as short as 5km, as long as 25km;
– Difficulty – this is usually determined by terrain i.e. it make take 1 hr to walk 5km on a well paved bush track or it may take 6 hrs to walk 5km on a steep mountain slope where you need to use your hands to scramble your way up!;
– Terrain – some hikes will be on trails, others will be off-track, bush-bashing, boulder-hopping up creeks or side-swiping around waterfalls;
– Navigation – we may go completely off-track and navigate with a map and compass, have no fear! If you have no idea what you’re doing, you’ll be a pro by the end of the day 🙂

M U L T I – D A Y   H I K E S

Ultimately this just means we’re camping overnight and probably don’t have access to any facilities. Prepared to get dirty and carry a bit of extra weight on your back!

R O G A I N I N G 

Rogaining is a competitive sport which involves cross-country orienteering for a period typically of 8 hours. It’s similar to orienteering in that you need to navigate using only a map and compass, however it’s more similar to an adult treasure hunt! Competitors are given a map with checkpoints each worth a different amount of points. The idea is to collect as many points as you can by navigating your way around. You may collect a quarter of all points or even half. Don’t expect to get them all unless you’re Usain Bolt!

Definitely worth a try!

W O R K S H O P S 

This year we will be conducting a series of workshops and ‘how-to’ sessions prior to any big events to help you feel more confident with your own abilities in the ourdoors. Ultimately, we want to be an awesome team with Bear Grylls-type skills. Pwoah! These will include (but are not limited to):

– Basic First Aid (info session only – not accredited);
– Navigation – how to use a map and compass;
– Overnight hiking – everything from how to pack your bag to how to start a fire in a storm;
– Outdoor leadership – great opportunity for anyone wanting to become a hiking leader; and
– Any other sessions requested by you!