Byron Burgess-Gallop (left) and Gordon Huang (right) look down over Pieces Pass as we try to work out just how to get the the rap station for Bunny Bucket Buttress. Photo: Neil Jenman

UQ Mountain Club is operated by our awesome exec team, and more importantly, by each and every member that joins us for another year. We love to see new members, and we all volunteer our time towards the benefit of the club, so if you feel like being involved please feel free to speak to our exec or volunteer yourself for opportunities to help us.

You don’t have to be a UQ student to join – membership is open to all who seek to explore the outdoors and experience the freedom of the hills. Want to learn more? See the following pages:

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Want to meet us in person and see what we are all about before joining? Visit us at our Kangaroo Point cliffs climbing nights.