Extraordinary people are without a doubt, a highlight of this club so come along to some social events and get to know your fellow adventurers!

Parties: Like any university club, we find numerous reasons to throw a party – start of sem, end of sem, a climbing trip or just another Friday night. Come along and have a few drinks and get to know the unorthodox side of your climbing companions!

Potlucks: Once upon a time, potlucks were a cherished and regular occurrence within UQMC and in 2017 we’re bringing them back! Usually a more casual setting (ie. someone’s house), bring along some food and drinks to share and hang out for an evening of fun!

Trip Report Nights: There is no better place to hear the crazy tales of adventures from your fellow club members than at a trip report night! A few times a year we collate some of the finest photos, videos and stories from club and personal trips. Come along to gain some inspiration for your next mountain to climb or perhaps share a story from one of your own escapades!


You can check out all the upcoming events on the Social Events Forum!